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Reservation Request

Warning! Please beware of unscrupulous companies who are contacting timeshare owners and promising to transfer ownership of their timeshare, especially if they request up front fees for services. Click here for further information.

If you are a Massanutten Resort Owner, use the convenient online forms below to request your reservation.

If you are looking for rental/hotel lodging, click here.

Make your next reservation using our toll free number! Please dial us at 800.207.MASS (6277) and press option #8 or you may continue to use our online request forms.

Medical Equipment Procedures:
If you are planning to ship medical equipment (ex. oxygen, dialysis, etc) to the resort, you must coordinate shipping with your medical equipment provider. Massanutten Resort cannot accept equipment deliveries prior to the date of your arrival. You must also make prior arrangements through your provider to pick up the equipment from your unit no later than 10am on the date of your check-out. The resort is not responsible for the safekeeping of the equipment or any damages incurred. Penalty fees may be applied to your account if the equipment is delivered prior to your check-in date or not picked-up by 10am of your check-out date. Please call Massanutten Resort Security with any questions at (540) 289-4054.

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