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Aquatics at Massanutten

Employment at Massanutten

Massanutten Resort not only provides training in Lifeguarding, CPR, First Aid and Water Safety Instruction but also provides employment opportunities both seasonally and year round. Massanutten Resort employ's over 150 aquatic staff as lifeguards or water attendants throughout the year and over 250 seasonally. Employment information as well as current open positions can be seen by clicking on the link below. We offer competitive pay and many other benefits to our employees. For more information you can email or apply online by clicking the link below.

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Course Information

Massanutten Resort offers a variety of American Red Cross Health and Safety Service Certification Courses. All courses are taught by certified American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructors and in accordance with all American Red Cross policies. Courses offered include:

*All Full Lifeguard Training R.12 Courses are taught with the addition of the WaterPark Skills Module R.12. This will cover all the knowledge and skills that apply to facilities with both flat, static bodies of water, as well as those with fixed or portable water features (i.e. moving water, water slides, wave pool, etc.).

Recertification Courses

All "Recertification Courses" are presented as "Review Courses." This is similar to a "Challenge Course" with the possible addition of video/lecture and practice of the skills before testing. All objectives must be met WITHOUT guidance from the instructor. If you are interested in registering for ANY Recertification Course, understand that several of the American Red Cross Courses have been updated to the latest revision. Please review the instructional manual before attending the course. A digital copy of the instructors manual is available at no cost at For additional questions, please contact Le Club Recreation at (540) 289-4987.


Upcoming Lifeguard Training Courses

Coming Soon!

Upcoming Community Courses

Community Courses 2015


There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee built into the cost of each course. This registration fee is required for enrollment and can be paid in person at Le Club Recreation Center at 4160 Del Webb Drive McGaheysville, VA 22840, or over the phone via credit card at (540) 289-4987.  Courses may cancel due to low enrollment; in this case, participants will be moved to another course at no charge.  The registration fee will be refunded if there are no other courses available at the time.

Important Notice: New Lifeguard Training R.12 Standard

From this point forward, all Lifeguard Training (including Waterpark Lifeguard Training) Courses at Massanutten Resort will be taught to the new Lifeguard Training R.12 standard, this includes Recertification Courses. To be eligible to take a "Lifeguard Recertification Course," participants must be within 12 months of the expiration date of their American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Certification or recognized equivalent. The following would be/but not limited to a recognized equivalent to the American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification:

  • YMCA Lifeguard
  • United States Lifesaving Association Open Water Lifeguarding
  • Lifesaving Society of Canada - Any National Lifeguard Service certification (pool, Waterfront, Surf or Waterpark)
  • National Pool and Waterpark Pool Lifeguard Training or Special Facilities Lifeguard Training
  • National Aquatic Safety Council Basic Lifeguard
  • StarGuard Professional Lifeguard
  • Boy Scouts of America Lifeguarding
  • American Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructor
  • American Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructor Trainer

Individuals who have never taken a Red Cross Lifeguarding course, have taken the course and are more than 12 months expired, or a course by any of the agencies above may not enroll in "Lifeguard Recertification Course" and must take the "Full Lifeguard Training Course."

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