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Disc Golf

Disc Golf
Disc Golf
Disc Golf
Disc Golf

The Disc Golf Course is now closed for the season and will re-open Spring 2016.

Nearly everyone can enjoy a round or two of Disc Golf on Massanutten’s 18-hole Disc Golf course!

What is Disc Golf?

Enjoy a round of disc golf at this scenic course on the lower slopes of Massanutten! Played like traditional golf, disc golf uses a flying disc instead of a ball and clubs, and counts throws instead of strokes. Holes are scored by sinking the disc in the Pole Hole™ - an elevated metal basket. Players progress from the tee area by throwing from where the previous throw landed. The object is to have the least number of throws.

Course Location

The course is set out on the lower slopes of Massanutten. Disc Golfers of all ages are welcome and see the same beauty and wildlife that our traditional Golf courses are known for.


  • The Disc Golf Course is open seasonally from early summer – October from 8:00 am to dusk.
  • Stop by the General Store to rent your discs and to get started on this fun, healthy activity.


  • $5 per set. Each set contains a Fairway Driver Disc, a Multi-purpose Disc, Putt/Approach discs, scorecard and rules.  

Call extension 5100 for more details.

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