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Course Layout

Moutain GreensMountain Greens Golf Course

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1 Par: 4
Blue: 396
White: 381
Gold: 365
Red: 297

A tee shot played with a long iron or fairway metal that favors the left-side is ideal. An accurate approach played to the proper section of the green should assure an opening par.


2 Par: 5
Blue: 501 White: 487 Gold: 469 Red: 355

Playing this tree lined par 5 in three shots will give a player the best chance to make birdie. A second shot laid up short of the 100 yard marker will provide a better view of the well-bunkered, undulating green.


3 Par: 4 Blue: 366 White: 351 Gold: 327 Red: 290

On this elevated green it is essential to find the correct tier to have a chance for par. Add one to two clubs for a back pin placement.


4 Par: 4 Blue: 401 White: 394 Gold: 372 Red: 315

A very tight and demanding hole. Accuracy is crucial throughout this hole so taking the proper club to find the fairway and green will improve your chance for par.


5 Par: 3 Blue: 188 White: 180 Gold:162 Red: 144

A medium length par 3 with a very deep green. It could require two more clubs to reach a back pin placement.


6 Par: 5 Blue: 475 White: 453 Gold: 420
Red: 379

The creek that separates the fairway swallows many tee shots. Laying up short of the creek and playing the hole as a three shot, par 5 will give you the best chance for birdie.


7 Par: 4/5 Blue: 427 White: 414 Gold: 396 Red: 354

The number one handicap hole requires a very demanding tee shot. A second shot, carrying the creek will require an extra club or two to reach a back pin placement.


8 Par: 3 Blue: 170 White: 140 Gold: 110 Red: 73

Our signature hole features an uphill par 3 to a well-bunkered green. Make sure to take enough club to clear the "M" bunker short of the green for a well-earned par.


9 Par: 4 Blue: 355 White: 331 Gold: 275 Red: 257

A short dogleg left par 4. Hitting a long iron or hybrid to find the fairway is the preferred play. This leaves a mid-iron into a deep undulating green.


10 Par: 4 Blue: 363 White: 316 Gold: 292 Red: 277

This short, dogleg right par 4 is a great hole to start your inward nine. A generous fairway leads to a large green sloping back to front.


11 Par: 3 Blue: 142 White: 134 Gold: 112 Red: 92

Our shortest par 3 features an uphill tee shot guarded by a large bunker short of the green. A miss to the right is your only bail out.


12 Par: 4 Blue: 347 White: 309 Gold: 302 Red: 283

Options abound on our most scenic par 4. A well-placed tee shot avoiding the three fairway bunkers can lead to an easy birdie.


13 Par: 5 Blue: 500 White: 489 Gold: 430 Red: 383

A challenging par 5 that is reachable in two for the longer hitters. A target placed behind the green will align you on this blind second shot.


14 Par: 4 Blue: 376 White: 352 Gold: 313 Red: 301

A straight forward par 4 that requires an accurate tee shot. A well-placed drive favoring the left-side will leave you with a mid iron to a slender green.


15 Par: 4 Blue: 352 White: 338 Gold: 314 Red: 231

A sharp dogleg left par 4. A draw or hook tee shot plays well to this two-tiered fairway. An uphill approach shot missing the green right will almost assure a bogey.


16 Par: 3 Blue: 190 White: 176 Gold: 151 Red: 137

Accuracy is a premium on our longest par 3. A tee shot to an elevated green favoring the right-side should funnel to the putting surface.


17 Par: 5 Blue: 479 White: 465 Gold: 440 Red: 426

A narrow, downhill par 5 that slopes from the right to the left. A tee shot favoring the right-side should stay in the fairway leaving a reachable second shot and a chance for birdie.


18 Par: 4 Blue: 415 White: 377 Gold: 358 Red: 252

A tee shot from an elevated tee box will find a generous fairway waiting. Birdies are plentiful if you avoid the lone bunker around this small green.


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