Virtual Clinic Videos

Virtual Clinic Videos

Form Shooting


  • Weigh the Basketball
  • Arm at 90 Degree Angle
  • Ball Above Your Head Hand Placement, Thumbs in “T” Position
  • Shooting with an Arch
  • Follow Through

Triple Threat


  • Catch the Ball in Position to Shoot, Dribble, or Pass
  • Always be in a Balanced Position
  • Look at the Target

Shooting off the Pass


  • Catch the Ball Ready to Shoot
  • Triple Threat Position
  • Step into the Shot
  • Follow Through

Shooting off the Dribble

Tips: 4 Principles of Shooting off the Dribble

  • Straight-On Dribble
  • Crossover
  • Between the Legs Dribble
  • Behind the Back Dribble