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Indoor WaterPark Features

Massanutten's Indoor WaterPark is open year-round and is always 84° fahrenheit

Massanutten WaterPark will be closed starting on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 through Wednesday, May 7, 2014 due to scheduled maintenance. During this time, Diamond Jim's Arcade, Hideaway Lounge, Sweetz and MerchanDice will be open regularly scheduled hours. Snackers will be closed.

Massanutten WaterPark FlowRider

Massanutten WaterPark Kids Frog Pond

The Pipeline  |  Rules
Surfing in the Shenandoah Valley? Massanutten WaterPark has its own FlowRider®. Christened "The Pipeline," it is the first and biggest FlowRider® in Virginia!

More FlowRider® Info

Frog Pond  |  Rules
A pond with a maximum depth of 12 inches just for the younger ones! Take a ride down our own Frog slide. Ribbit-Ribbit! The Frog Pond also has swings and water-spraying noodles.

Massanutten WaterPark Blue Ridge Rapids Lazy River

Massanutten WaterPark Meltdown

Blue Ridge Rapids  |  Rules
Let the current take you away. The adventure begins at the zero-depth entry while the waves keep coming at you. Waterfalls and spray features will reach you from all angles and just when you thought you had escaped the giant tipping bucket, there will be one more right around the corner!

Massanutten Meltdown  |  Rules
This central feature of the Indoor WaterPark has a bit of everything - from water cannons to water falls, and don't forget the giant tipping bucket! There is no way to stay dry! Take a ride on one of five slides before everything melts down!

Massanutten WaterPark Avalanche Skyline Falls Body Slides

Massanutten WaterPark Country Cooler Peak Splash Melting Mogul Tube Slides

Body Slides  |  Rules
Starting 39 feet up, either of these body slides will give you a rush to keep you coming back for more. You will experience over 250 feet of heart-pumping thrills with the slides' sudden drops and sharp turns.

Tube Slides  |  Rules
Whether you are riding alone or with a friend the twists and turns will keep you guessing all the way to the bottom. Peak Splash is one of the best features of the WaterPark, with over 440-ft of slide and water moving at 2,000 gallons per minute, the speed and excitement will keep you wondering which way you're going.

Massanutten WaterPark Shenandoah Cove Pool

Massanutten WaterPark Shenandoah Hot Springs Tub

Shenandoah Cove  |  Rules
Your whole family can have a splashin' good time playing in Shenandoah Cove! The Cove is Massanutten WaterPark's 36" deep family-friendly pool area with thousands of gallons of water. The whole family is sure to have a blast!

Shenandoah Hot Springs  |  Rules
Feeling the need to relax? Enjoy this indoor/outdoor hot tub any time of the year even in some of the most inclement weather. The whole family can enjoy the Hot Springs in the WaterPark!

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