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Indoor WaterPark Features


Massanutten's Indoor WaterPark is open year-round and is always 84° fahrenheit!


Massanutten WaterPark Meltdown

Massanutten WaterPark FlowRider

Massanutten Meltdown  |  Rules
This central feature of the Indoor WaterPark has a bit of everything - from water cannons to water falls, and don't forget the giant tipping bucket!

The Pipeline  |  Rules
Surfing in the Shenandoah Valley? Massanutten WaterPark has its own FlowRider®. Christened "The Pipeline," it is the first and biggest FlowRider® in Virginia!

More FlowRider® Info

Massanutten WaterPark Country Cooler Peak Splash Melting Mogul Tube Slides

Massanutten WaterPark Avalanche Skyline Falls Body Slides

Massanutten WaterPark Kids Frog Pond

Tube Slides  |  Rules
Whether you are riding alone or with a friend the twists and turns will keep you guessing all the way to the bottom.

Body Slides  |  Rules
Starting 39 feet up, you will experience over 250 feet of heart-pumping thrills with the slides' sudden drops and sharp turns.


Frog Pond  |  Rules
A pond with a maximum depth of 12 inches just for the younger ones! Take a ride down our own Frog slide, or enjoy playing in water-spraying noodles or swings.

Massanutten WaterPark Blue Ridge Rapids Lazy River

Massanutten WaterPark Shenandoah Cove Pool

Massanutten WaterPark Shenandoah Hot Springs Tub

Blue Ridge Rapids  |  Rules
Let the current take you away!

Shenandoah Cove  |  Rules
The Cove is Massanutten WaterPark's 36" deep family-friendly pool area with thousands of gallons of water.


Shenandoah Hot Springs  |  Rules
Feeling the need to relax? Enjoy this indoor/outdoor hot tub any time of the year even in some of the most inclement weather.

Massanutten WaterPark

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Shenandoah Valley Kids Trail

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