Mayday Escape Room

You and the other passengers are thrilled to embark on a submarine adventure to exotic locales around the world. During your private tour of the bridge, the jovial captain calls on the video monitor to welcome you. His joy quickly turns to frustration as one of the systems malfunctions.

His frustration then turns to fear as he realizes his first mate is locked outside the bridge, unable to initiate the safety sequence. Now it’s up to you and your fellow passengers to close all the water-tight doors on the submarine.

If you fail, the vessel will take on freezing cold water and sink to the bottom of the ocean. The freezing water has already cut off communication with the captain, so you’re on your own.

The clock is ticking. Work together and seal the doors before your vessel is claimed by the ocean.

Mayday can be played with 2 or more people. If you are a group of only 2, there is one point in the game where you will need assistance from our Gamemaster, who is happy to assist with an extra set of hands to solve the clue. Mayday has physical requirements, including being able to stoop down for a short period of time as well as brief overhead reaching. If a group has difficulty doing either of these activities, please ask our Gamemaster for assistance.

Located in the Woodstone Recreation Building.

Difficulty: Moderate

Address: 1822 Resort Dr, Massanutten, VA 22840

To book your escape room adventure, please call 540.289.4977, resort ext. 65088, or use the below booking widget.

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Escape Room and Virtual Reality sessions are no longer limited to members of the same party. Children who are 12 and under are not allowed in mixed party groups. Groups with children 12 years old or younger must reserve a private session. Please call 540.289.4977 to reserve a private session. Groups with minors must have someone in the group that is 18 or older in the facility/in the escape room.