Pharaoh’s Revenge Escape Room

Welcome to the hot sands of the Egyptian desert. You're part of a large archeological dig team that’s looking for lost artifacts near the Valley of the Kings. Your team has been using an old stone structure as a field office to run the operation, which started nearly 4 months ago. During that time, your team found nothing ...until last night. Just before dusk, a large stash of ancient artifacts was discovered. Instead of starting the morning by examining and cataloging the artifacts, you drew the short straw  and had to make a routine supply run into town.

Upon your return, you realize something went terribly wrong. The other members who stayed behind at the dig site are lying outside of the field office, barely conscious and near death. Now it’s up to you to figure out what caused this sickness and help the team before it’s too late.

Located in the Woodstone Recreation Building.

Address: 1822 Resort Dr, Massanutten, VA 22840

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Escape Room and Virtual Reality sessions are no longer limited to members of the same party. Children who are 12 and under are not allowed in mixed party groups. Groups with children 12 years old or younger must reserve a private session. Please call 540.289.4977 to reserve a private session. Groups with minors must have someone in the group that is 18 or older in the facility/in the escape room.