Going Green

Going Green

Ready. Set. Let’s Do This. You’ve heard us say it, but now we are taking action! Massanutten’s Sustainability Committee has been hard at work since Summer of 2021 to make lasting changes that will help reduce our carbon emissions. In 2021, we joined NSAA’s Climate Challenge. Since then we have initiated the process to install solar arrays in three different locations across the resort, upgraded to LED lighting on the ski trails, and trading out snow guns for ones that are more efficient. These are only a few examples of the many projects going on around the resort! Check out the tabs below to learn more about our various projects.

We are steadily making changes, so be sure to check this webpage regularly and follow us on facebook to stay up to date. If you have questions or want to learn more, feel free to reach out to gogreen@massresort.com.

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We are excited to be ushering in this 21st century movement towards reducing our carbon footprints. Next time you visit us, look around and see if you can spot our agent of change, or follow us on facebook for updates on our upcoming projects and festivities!

In the meantime, check out our latest press releases and more below.

May 22, 2023 Update - Golden Eagle Awards

For 30 years, the National Ski Area Association has been recognizing ski areas across the country for their environmental excellence through the Golden Eagle Awards. We are honored to be selected as a finalist for two awards - Overall Environmental Excellence and Climate Change Impact. Read more about this award here. Congratulations to Wild Mountain and Vail Resorts, the award winners!

September 19, 2022 Update - National Solar Tour | October 1 & 2

Massanutten is participating in the 2022 National Solar Tour! On October 1 & 2 solar sites across the United States are opening their spaces to visitors who are interested in checking out their solar arrays. This past year, we have initiated the installation of three different solar arrays across the resort! Come check out our solar arrays on the Woodstone Building during this event. We will have one of our project managers, along with representatives from Got Electric and Secure Futures at the Woodstone Building to answer your questions. Our site will be open for visitors from 11 am - 5 pm on both October 1 and 2!

We cannot wait to see you there!

Woodstone Building Address | 1822 Resort Dr.

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MASSANUTTEN, Va. (August 29, 2022) – A solar installation on the roof of Massanutten Resort’s Woodstone building has been energized, and is now producing power. 

The solar array is designed to produce up to 185,000 KwHs of power annually, offsetting approximately 15 percent of the building’s annual electrical demand. The building serves as the Resort’s primary guest services facility, offering check-ins, indoor and outdoor swimming, a restaurant, a fitness club and other services.



SAM Magazine—Washington, D.C., Aug. 16, 2022—President Biden signed the $750 billion Inflation Reduction Act today. whitehouse 440The package includes the largest climate, energy, and environmental justice investment ($370 billion) in U.S. history, from which the U.S. ski industry stands to benefit.

The legislation, which addresses health care and taxes in addition to climate, will boost production of green energy, lower the cost of clean transportation and energy, and invest billions in sustainable forestry, wildfire risk reduction, and drought response, among other provisions—all of which will be helpful to the entire ski industry long-term.

Read The Full Article Here

March 8, 2022 Update - FOR ITS NEXT 50 YEARS, MASSANUTTEN COMMITS TO ENERGY-EFFICIENT OPERATIONS - Resort to install Virginia ski industry’s first solar arrays.

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Around the Resort

Around the Resort

For half a century we have been part of your community and have found favor to call the mountain our home. Like any home, it is our responsibility to take care of both our guests, our resources, ourselves, but also our environment that we are so fortunate to have enjoyed for fifty years. Fifty years proud. Fifty years strong.

Massanutten Resort's mission state is "to provide remarkable experiences in a safe and enjoyable environment." As we make efforts to move towards positive environmental impacts, we invite our guests to look around as they visit us to see if they can spot our solar panels in the upcoming months and years. Not only will you be seeing new features to our 21st century premier resort, but you too will also be part of our helping us go green as we begin to reduce our carbon footprint! 

Our sustainability committee is currently working on a few different projects this year! Check out what's around the resort now and stay tuned for what's to come!

Currently Around the Resort
  • Electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Water fountains for reusable bottles around the Ski Lodge and Mountain Cruisers which help to eliminate single-use plastic water bottle use!
  • Waste oil heating furnace used to heat the snowmaking maintenance building in winter by recycling used motor oil.
  • Seasonal guest shuttle service to reduce individual car emissions. Learn more about the shuttle service here.
  • Recycling bins located around the Resort. Fun Fact: Massanutten diverts more than 150,000 pounds of recyclable material from the landfill annually!

Current Solar Array Plans

Current Solar Array Plans

Below are renderings/photos of the first two projects.

Laundry Building Rendering

Laundry Facility Rendering I
The solar array on the resort's Laundry Facility will be 160kW and produce 192,000kWhs of electricity, enough to offset 45% of the facility’s usage.


Woodstone Building Photo 1

Woodstone Building Photo #1
The solar array on the Woodstone Building facility will be 139kW and produce 185,000 kWhs of electricity, enough to off set 15% of the facility’s usage.


Woodstone Building Photo 2

Woodstone Building Photo #2
The solar array on the Woodstone Building facility will be 139kW and produce 185,000 kWhs of electricity, enough to off set 15% of the facility’s usage.

Ski Area Expansion Plan

Ski Area Expansion Plan

Ski Trail New Map

We are excited to announce major terrain expansion in the coming years! Check out our latest work around the ski area below and follow this page for more updates to come.

Massanutten installed 50 HKD low energy guns and six automated fan snowmakers last year and will be installing 52 additional automated low energy HKD KLIK snow guns and 22 TechnoAlpin and eight SMI fan guns on existing and new terrain in the next two years. The new snowmaking equipment on the existing terrain will replace much older less efficient air water snow guns to reduce our carbon footprint and improve efficiency. The new terrain will all be constructed with automated low energy air water or fan snowmaking technology. The resort is also adding LED lighting fixtures to the new terrain and replacing existing metal halide lights with LED lighting. The lighting project will save 41,000 kwh hours a year. This is all part of a 3-year expansion project that includes six new trails and replacing a 30-year-old fixed grip lift with a High-Speed Quad in the summer of 2023. Click here for more info on our terrain expansion!

Don’t Miss Your Chance At First Tracks On NEW TERRAIN this upcoming season!

  • NEW for the 2022-23 season is the opening of...
    • Mueller’s Mile - a blue trail.
    • Ridgecrest - a blue trail, connecting Paradice to Mass Transit.
    • Slot - a black trail connecting Diamond Jim to the bottom of Mueller's Mile.
  • Almost 7,000 feet of new trail! 
  • 21,000' new snowmaking pipe.

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