Real Escapes - Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in another world at Real Escapes, the top social and entertainment experience in the Shenandoah Valley. Inside, you will find multiple virtual reality stations and racing simulators as well as The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar Escape Room. Feel the freedom of driving a race car on countless track configurations or choose from more than 12 Active Virtual Reality (VR) Games where you can work together or on your own to survive waves of evil robots, shoot zombies, or become fully immersed in a horror walk-through experience. No matter what ‘escape’ you choose, you’re sure to have a unique, immersive and mind-blowing adventure. Watch a video of the virtual reality experience here! Located in the Real Escapes Building.

Address: 11443 Spotswood Trail, Massanutten, VA 22840

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To book your next adventure, please call 540.289.4046 or Resort Ext 65466.