Dog Friendly Lodging

Dog Friendly Lodging

Dog Friendly Logo- A Note from Donnie -
My name is Donnie the Teacup Chihuahua and I’m your Massanutten pet guide.

Start wagging your tails, I finally get to go on vacation with my "pawrents" at Massanutten Resort – the Atlantic’s Premier Mountain all season resort! I’m inviting you along too!

There are just a few things you got to know before you go...

- D the Tea Chi

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Pet Policies

Pet Policies

Pet Fee

  • The Massanutten Resort's pet fee is $225 per dog under 70 lbs. Guests will be required to sign a release of liability and waiver (found here) stating that they understand and will adhere to all dog rules (listed below). Additional fees may be charged if significant extra cleaning is required after your stay. Maximum two dogs per reservation.
  • At this time, no dogs over 70 lbs. or pets other than dogs are allowed on the resort.


Before You Arrive

  • Select rooms are designated dog-friendly. Under the Resort “Pet Policy”, you must obtain approval in advance to bring your dog to a designated dog-friendly condo. No other animals are allowed. No dog shall be allowed in lodging accommodations unless approved prior to check-in. Please use the Request To Bring Dog tab to submit your request.
  • Your dog(s) must be fully trained, appropriately restrained, and comply with local legislation requirements.
  • Dogs must be fully vaccinated, and proof must be made available to resort staff if required.
  • Dogs must have current nametag with identification and current rabies tag to be worn at all times.
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash (maximum length 6 feet) at all times while on resort property unless they are in a designated fenced dog park.
  • Resort staff shall have the sole discretion to determine if the Pet Policy is being violated or if a dog is infringing on the enjoyment of other guests. Service dogs are exempt from the Pet Policy and are welcome in all public areas around the resort. For more Resort ADA info, please visit

Donnie’s Rules

We do have a few rules for our four-legged friends:

  • Dogs to be kept on a leash in all public areas.
  • Dogs are allowed in outdoor parks, dog-friendly condo areas, and outside dining at VA BBQ & Pizza Co, Base Camp, and Campfire Grill.
  • Dogs are not allowed inside of public resort buildings including the Indoor/Outdoor WaterPark, recreation centers, inside dining locations, The Spa at Massanutten, Massanutten Conference Center, ski lodge, and ski/bike rental shop.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the golf courses, chairlift rides, and indoor/outdoor pools & public buildings.
  • Dogs are not allowed at resort sponsored activities/events.
  • The guest (dog owner) is responsible for cleaning up after your dog while on the property.
  • If you are leaving your dog alone in the room, please place the door hanger on the door that say your dog is in there unattended. No attempt will be made by resort staff to enter your room if a dog is present in the room unattended. The guest (dog owner) must be in the room when it is being serviced.
  • Please be mindful that we have a “no barking” policy. Barking must be curtailed to ensure fellow guests are not inconvenienced, both in your guest room and in the public areas. Extra fees, up to but not limited to, full room rate compensation may be assessed to your account if the dog causes disturbances leading to compensation for other guests.
  • You (dog owner) is responsible for any property damage or personal injury caused by your dog.

Woof! That’s all for now. Can't wait to meet another four-legged friend!  - D the Tea Chi

View The Full Pet Policy Here

Lodging Locations

Lodging Locations

Select rooms are designated dog-friendly so please let us know you are bringing your dog when you make your reservation and we will properly arrange for your arrival.

Dog Friendly Lodging Locations

Regal Vistas®

Our newest cottage style condos have just what it takes to make you feel at home here at Massanutten Resort. For those that want more of a spacious, luxury experience, Regal Vistas® truly live up to their name. Overlooking the Resort area of Woodstone Meadows, and with gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this gated community is sure to show you what we love about the Valley. Staying at Regal Vistas, you will have access to an exclusive outdoor pool, picnic areas, and a workout facility.

Regal Vistas have two sides that mirror one another, or can be opened into one large home, which can accommodate up to 12 people. View photos & more info here.

Woodstone Meadows®

Woodstone Meadows® is a group of condos situated right near the Woodstone Meadows Golf Course and The Spa at Massanutten®. These condos can sleep up to 12 people. These condos can be used as one spacious four-bedroom condo, or separated into two two-bedroom condos, with full privacy. Woodstone Casas are our studio condos in Woodstone Meadows area. View photos & more info here.


The Summit®

The Summit® is conveniently located near our Ski Area and Family Adventure Park. These cozy mountain townhomes are perfect for those that want a cabin-like experience.The Summit are townhomes that can accommodate up to 12 people with four-bedrooms, or can be locked off as two separate spaces with two-bedrooms each. View photos & more info here.


Eagle Trace®

Eagle Trace® is tucked away in the woods on the mountain. Staying here, you will be close to the Mountain Greens Golf Course®, Massanutten Fitness & Rec Club, the Ski Area, and Base Camp. Eagle Trace are townhouse style condos that can either be two separate one-bedroom condos or opened up to be a two-bedroom condo, accommodating up to 12 people. View photos & more info here.

Request To Bring Dog

Request To Bring Dog

Request To Bring Dog

Use this form to request your dog-friendly condo. Keep in mind that you must have a confirmed reservation with Massanutten Resort prior to filling out this form. All approved dog-friendly reservations will be required to sign a release of liability and waiver (found here) stating that they understand and will adhere to the Massanutten Resort Pet Policy.

Click here for request form

If you have an ADA Service Animal, you do not need to fill out this request.

On the request form, please select from the listed items anything that you would need to use during your stay. Items include: Dog bed, food and water bowls, a toy and disposal bags. These items are for enjoyment during your stay. If you or your pooch loves what they see, these items are available for purchase at The Market.

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Share your photos of your four-legged friends at Massanutten Resort with us by using the hastag #MassMutts!

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