Coming soon - Mountain Coaster

Coming soon - Mountain Coaster

Opening Fall of 2024 - NEW Mountain Mayhem Coaster!

With a total length spanning 3,380 feet, ‘Mountain Mayhem’ is an exhilarating downhill experience covering 2,156 feet of terrain, with two 360-degree spirals along the track. Each ride will last approximately six minutes; an innovative design gives riders full control over their speed, granting a customized experience tailored to each individual's preference. Whether seeking an exhilarating, heart-pumping ride or a more leisurely ride to take in the coaster’s breathtaking views, the mountain coaster can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

The mountain coaster will feature both single rider and double rider tickets, allowing guests to experience the thrill together. Each ticket purchase includes two rides on the mountain coaster. Double riders must ensure their combined weight does not exceed 350 pounds. Ensuring the safety of all guests, single riders cannot be younger than 10 years old, and all children must be over the age of four.

Pricing info coming soon.

This attraction will be located at the Massanutten Family Adventure Park.