Meet The Instructors

Meet The Instructors

Meet The Instructors

Jeremiah Raines
Jeremiah Raines

Instructor for Sketching & Music Classes
I started drawing cartoons as a kid and tied with 2 students to win the D.A.R.E. poster competition back in my hometown. In high school, I took advanced art class and designed a lot of the homecoming parade float my senior year. I performed musical theater, both in church and at school, where I was blessed to play lead acting roles with many singing solos. One summer, I also went to regional governor’s school for musical theater. After a while, I left theater during high school to focus more on music and took classical guitar and jazz band classes.

I learned a great deal participating in Christian music ministry and I continue to be a part of music ministries at various churches. I volunteer and have organized several music events, some of them as fundraisers. I also became a guitar instructor in an after-school arts program in my hometown.

At times, I perform at local farmers markets and other community events. I have my own website that showcases some of my original art along with 50 original songs that I have written and published. I play several stringed instruments including piano, drums, and harmonica. I am also working on learning some horns and trumpet is my best horn so far.

The arts are my passion to do for work and I am glad to pass knowledge I have to others to help keep the arts going for others with that same passion. I thank GOD for giving me this opportunity at Massanutten Resort. 


Jeremiah Raines
Greg Burns

Instructor for Meditation Classes
Greg Burns is a Sound Facilitator who offers experiences using various sounds to help foster wellness and personal transformation. Utilizing Singing Bowls, Gong, Drums and more he organizes sessions for individuals or groups that will help quiet the mind, relax the body, and put us in contact with our own deeper aspects. When we use sound in this way, we are able to more easily reach meditative states, relieve pain and stress, and help foster personal changes we desire, among other benefits. And once we have reached a state where our mind and body are relaxed, a wide spectrum of helpful and healing things can occur. Greg has been working in this manner for over 7 years now, after working for more than 15 years in a therapeutic rehab setting, which gives him a unique and broad understanding of healing and wellness. He has worked with and seen positive outcomes from individuals with a wide range of challenges and concerns. Greg resides in Alleghany County and is owner of Metta Vibrations, LLC.


Halle Jenkins

Instructor for the Face Lift Facial Massage with Yonka Class
My name is Halle Jenkins and I’m a Licensed Esthetician. I have a passion for skincare and enjoy helping people feel better with their skincare concerns. As we get older fine lines and wrinkles become more of a concern. With facial massage, you can improve elasticity and collagen production resulting in an overall lifted look!

Connie Oakes

Instructor for the Reflexology Class
My name is Connie Oakes and I am a Licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist since 1990. I work part time at the spa and have my own private practice in Staunton. I have a degree in Biology Education from Asbury University. I enjoy teaching about the benefits of reflexology and how participants can learn techniques to use on themselves, friends, and family. Reflexology can be performed on the feet to improve nerve and lymph flow to all the major systems of the body. There are many practical benefits achieved through reflexology such as headache relief, calming the digestion, and improving the health of the feet and hands. Participants are also taught how to safely and effectively incorporate essential oils into their reflexology treatments. Each class makes their own take-home roller bottle of peppermint and lemongrass blend.

Jossif Gerhn

Instructor for the Couples Massage Class

My name is Jossif (JP) and I am a licensed Massage Therapist. I enjoy massaging people but I also enjoy being able to share my passion for massage with others and help them to self heal and teach them to massage on there own time.