MerchanDice Surf Shop

MerchanDice Surf Shop

Hang Ten on a Five Foot Wave!

If you’re going to surf the wave, you have to look the part. That’s where MerchanDice Surf Shop comes in. We have all of the latest surf brands plus totally radical Massanutten WaterPark threads.

Located on the entry level of the Massanutten WaterPark®, the surf shop also features:

  • Bathing suits and swim shoes for all ages
  • Logo towels, sweats, tees, and bags
  • Swim diapers
  • Goggles, ear plugs, & sunscreen 
  • Film & batteries

Open daily 9 am - 30 minutes after Hideaway Lounge closes

MerchanDice Surf Shop is located inside the Massanutten Indoor WaterPark.
1200 Adventure Drive, Massanutten, VA 22840 | 540.437.3340

 MerchanDice Surf ShopMerchanDice Surf ShopMerchanDice Surf Shop

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