NEW! Escape Dinner

NEW! Escape Dinner

It’s the 1920s in Chicago and prohibition is in full swing. Secret mob controlled speakeasies are popping up all across the city in order to keep the public happy while using these establishments as a way to launder more and more cash. Supply lines are being cut and the police have begun to crack down, causing the mob to resort to more aggressive measures in order to keep their operation safe.You find yourself at The Bonfire Club, on an unassuming night when a mysterious piece of information comes across your table while enjoying your meal. The series of events which follow could be your last if you’re not careful.

Join us for a four course meal and interactive experience!
Seating at 6 pm | Dinner at 6:30 pm | At the Massanutten Conference Center
$80 (tax & gratuity not included) | Ages: 21+ only

Reservations are required. Book online or call for reservations @ 540.289.4978.

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March Menu
Course 1: Tea Sandwiches
Course 2: Cream of Potato Soup
Course 3: Baked Pork Chops with Peach Bourbon Glaze
Course 4: Devil’s Food Cake with Chocolate Icing

April Menu
Course 1: Devilled Eggs
Course 2: Charred Tomato Bisque
Course 3: Broiled NY Steak and Mushrooms
Course 4: Angel Food Cake with Berries

May Menu
Course 1: Salmon Rolls
Course 2: Clam Chowder
Course 3: Fried Chicken
Course 4: Ice Cream Sundae